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Getting Revenge on a Cheating Mate

Revenge cheating and retaliatory affairs are just two of the many tactics infidelity victims use to get back at a cheating spouse or significant other.

In my previous post I discussed how some victims of infidelity will even go so far as to embarrass or humiliate the cheater by having a revenge affair with the cheating spouse’s best friend, family member, or business rival. Or they may simply go out and have a one night stand just to feel that they’ve evened the score. I also explain how these tactics can backfire, and why they seldom work. You can read about it here.

However revenge cheating and retaliatory affairs are by no means the only ways infidelity victims seek to get revenge. An infidelity victim may try to get revenge by selling, giving away, or destroying personal property of the cheating spouse or significant other.

Creative Ways Women Get Revenge

They say “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Women can be very creative when it comes to getting back at a cheating mate. One betrayed wife got revenge on her corporate executive husband by cutting one sleeve off each of his business and carefully hung the suits back in his closet before leaving him and taking the kids. She said she got great satisfaction from imagining his rage when getting dressed for work the next morning and finding out each of his business suits only had one arm.

Another women paid for a billboard in a prominent place, and told the whole town about her husband’s affair.

Other women have retaliated against cheating spouses by selling their sports cars, SUV’s, sail boats, golf carts, dirt bikes, power tools, and other prized possessions for mere pennies.

Women have been known to destroy the cheater’s car in various ways -- smashing the windshield or headlights, puncturing tires, scratching the finish or carving their initials or derogatory statements on the car, putting sugar in the gas tank, painting the windshield with black paint, and more

Other Ways Infidelity Victims Get Revenge

Still other infidelity, especially men – get even in violent ways such as physically assaulting or even killing the cheater, or the person with whom the cheater is having the affair. Prisons are filled with men who resorted to violent or destructive methods of getting revenge on a cheating mate.

Strangely enough, suicide has even been used as a misguided attempt to get back at a cheating spouse. Sometimes the wife or girlfriend of a cheating man may be so deeply hurt, and her power of reasoning so warped that she thinks, “I’ll kill myself and he’ll be sorry for what he did and miss me when I’m gone.”

Getting revenge on a cheater in such ways is never recommended. Things can backfire and you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You could even end up in jail.

The best revenge is to leave the cheater and have nothing further to do with them. Of course, if there are children involved, this is easier said than done.

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Getting Revenge Could Be Dangerous

However keep in mind that trying to get revenge on a cheating spouse who has violent or aggressive tendencies can be a dangerous game. No matter how much the cheater may deserve what he or she gets, they may retaliate against you in violent or aggressive ways. So tread carefully, or you could end up in the hospital – or even worse – the grave.

The Best Revenge of All

In the end, the best revenge may be to do nothing. Once the cheater is aware that you know about the affair,hold your head high, act honorably, and show the cheater that you don’t have to stoop to his or her level to seek revenge. Show them your life will go on just fine with or without them. The cheater will either be totally consumed with guilt over how he or she has treated you. Or he or she will never have peace of mind because they’ll keep looking over their shoulder, waiting for the “other shoe to drop.” And that may be the best revenge of all.

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Resources to Help You Plan How to Best Get Revenge

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