Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 Ways Cheating Men Hide Their Summer Flings

In my previous post, I described the 3 types of men who typically have summer affairs, and explained why these men will only cheat on their wives or girlfriends during the summer months. I also talked about how your man’s summer fling could jeopardize your relationship, or undermine your marriage and lead to separation or divorce. If you missed this post, click here so you can read it now.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the sneaky things cheating husbands and boyfriends do to avoid raising your suspicion and keep from getting caught.

Most cheating men use travel of some kind to hide their summer flings. Below are 5 common tactics these summer cheaters use to keep you in the dark about what’s going on.

Sending the Wife and Kids Away

Some cheating husbands routinely send their wife and kids away for a week or two, or for the entire summer -- to the shore, the lake, the mountains, a vacation home, or to visit relatives in another state. Once you and the kids are out of the way, the summer cheater will play.

The Dream Vacation

If he treats you to a Caribbean cruise with your girlfriends, or a week at a world- class spa or fancy resort he knows you can’t resist, he can conveniently remove you from the scene so you can’t interfere with his summer fun.

Separate Vacations

Many wives fall for the separate vacation scheme. It’s a common ploy seasonal cheaters use to lay the groundwork for having a summer fling. If the two of you go your separate ways, he can have his summer affair and you’ll never know.

Counterfeit Conventions and Bogus Business Trips

If his job requires him to travel a lot, the summer cheater can easily invent a trip that doesn’t exist. Business travel is the perfect camouflage for a summer affair. He may even extend a legitimate business trip by tacking on a few extra days so he can have a summer a fling before returning home.

Fictitious Fishing Trips and Outdoor Adventures

Cheating husbands or boyfriends frequently use phony fishing trips or similar activities to hide their summer affairs. They know that if they tell you they’re going on some rigorous outdoor adventure with their male friends, or participating in some macho “guys-only” extreme sport, you won’t ask to tag along. It’s the perfect cover for a weekend trip or a week-long vacation with his mistress.

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Summer Infidelity

If your husband or boyfriend travels, sends you and the kids to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore for the summer, or treats you to a dream vacation, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s is setting the stage for a summer fling. But if he’s one of the 3 types of men who typically have summer affairs, it could mean he’s up to no good, since these tactics are commonly used by cheating men to hide their summer affairs.

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Anonymous said...

The business trip with a few days tacked on is a real biggie. Don't fall for the excuse "I need an extra day to rest up before the show" or I need an extra day to unwind and relax before the long plane ride home" I've been there and it all sounds so reasonable -- for two years until I found out. And then the excuse was "What did you expect if you didn't travel with me?" of course, he forgot that I offered to go with him and he said no. Should have wised up then. GOOD TACTIC-- OFFER TO GO ALONG AND SEE THE REACTION. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR MIND IF HE SAYS OK AND YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO GO.