Friday, February 13, 2009

Cheating Valentines Go Missing in Action on "Mistress Day"

A cheating husband or boyfriend will usually make every effort to personally deliver his mistress’s Valentine’s Day gift.

A cheating wife or girlfriend will usually rearrange her schedule so she can personally receive her secret lover’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Since most cheating men usually reserve Valentine’s Day for their wife or main girlfriend, the rendezvous with the Other Woman will usually take place February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day – the day that’s referred to as unofficial Mistress Day.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year. Most cheating men would rather not risk the wrath of their mistress by making her wait until Monday to receive her Valentine’s Day gift.

That’s what makes unofficial Mistress Day the ideal time to catch a cheating mate.

Missing in Action on Mistress Day

Be very suspicious if your spouse or significant other goes missing for an extended period of today. Be equally suspicious if your mate concocts lame, or trumped up excuses to go somewhere without you this evening, or do something that doesn’t involve you.

Excuses Cheaters Use to Disappear on Mistress Day

Cheaters will come up with all kinds of creative excuses to steal a few minutes, or a few hours to spend with their lovers on Mistress Day.

The #1 Excuse Men Use

Cheating men will usually devise some type of work-related excuse.

Be very suspicious if your husband or boyfriend had to go to work unusually early today – or if he was unavailable for several hours during or after lunchtime because of an important “client meeting” or had to work late, or wine and dine an out-of-town client tonight.

The #1 Excuse Women Use

A cheating wife or girlfriend will generally use an excuse that involves relatives or friends.

Be suspicious if she has to visit a sick relative, or run an urgent errand for one of her friends.

Cheating women will also use work-related excuses like the ones mentioned above.

Watch for Other Signs of Infidelity Today

Keep your eyes and ears open for other signs of infidelity on unofficial Mistress Day. The Infidelity Advice Blog, has several tips that will help you catch a cheating Valentine.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some specific signs of infidelity that typically appear AFTER Valentine’s Day

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