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Why People Think Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy and Used a Surrogate for Blue Ivy’s Birth

An ever-increasing number of people are beginning to suspect that Beyonce may not really have
been pregnant at all.  The list of  7 articles below will help you decide whether or not their suspicions are justified.

Is this just malicious gossip? 

Or are there valid reasons why so many people now suspect Beyonce of faking her pregnancy and using a surrogate mother for Blue Ivy’s birth? 

Conflicting delivery dates, Beyonce’s collapsing baby bump, and the extreme security measures at the hospital where Blue Ivy was allegedly born are just a few  of the reasons these persistent rumors about Beyonce just won’t go away. 

7  Articles that Shed Light on the Beyonce Surrogate Mother - Fake Pregnancy Rumors

To satisfy the curiosity of those who want to know why people are suspicious of Beyonce, or refresh the memory of those who already know, I’ve compiled a list of 7 articles with some interesting, and perhaps little-known information that provides insight on why people are accusing Beyonce of running a fake pregnancy scam.  

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Meanwhile, the articles below will give you enough background information to decide for yourself whether or not the fake pregnancy - surrogate mother accusations against Beyonce are justified.

Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s own family members have finally begun  to suspect that Beyonce faked her pregnancy and hired a surrogate mother to give birth to Blue Ivy. Relatives are demanding that the couple tell them the truth about Blue Ivy’s birth, however, according to reports, there is one particular family who already knows the inside scoop.

4 Beyonce Surrogate Mother-Fake Pregnancy Theories Re-ignited

This article looks at  4 of the most popular Beyonce surrogate mother – fake pregnancy rumors which have been reignited in the wake of Blue Ivy’s birth. With  new information now available,  fans and media outlets have begun to suspect that some of these rumors are rooted in truth.   After reading this article, which one do you think is true?

Beyonce's pregnancy secret is out. Details have emerged regarding the surrogate mother Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly used  to give birth to Blue Ivy, their first child together. This article  contains personal information which wich was first published as a blind item about a celebrity couple which was later identified my many readers,  fans and celebrity gossip websites  as Beyonce and Jay-Z.

After a mishap on an Australian talk show, when Beyonce’s baby bump appeared to fold and collapse, the debate about whether her baby bump was real or fake spread like wildfire across the Internet.  Many people who were formerly believers began to doubt that Beyonce was really pregnant.  Talk show host, Wendy Williams did a frame by frame analysis of the incriminating  video clip, followed by a live demonstration with 2 pregnant members of her staff. After reading this article, check out the slideshow and video , and judge for yourself.

19 Reasons Beyonce Would Want to Fake or Enhance Her Pregnancy

As rumors continued to spread that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy, people on both sides of the debate wondered why  Beyonce would do such a thing.  Here, in one convenient spot,  is a collection of the various reasons suggested by the general public and a number of media outlets as to why Beyonce would want to mislead people by pretending to be pregnant, by appearing to farther along in her pregnancy than she really was at the time.

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More Articles about Beyonce’s Rumored Fake Pregnancy and Her Alleged Surrogate Birth

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