Saturday, February 4, 2017

SUPER BOWL WARNING: Cheating Mates Often Use the Super Bowl Alibi

Cheaters of both sexes are taking advantage of the Super Bowl game to “aid and abet” infidelity that occurs on Super bowl Sunday.  This tidbit of information cropped up early in my infidelity research which began over 20 years ago.   It’s interesting to note that until now, no one has ever bothered to point this out.
“Watching the Super Bowl game with the guys” is an easy way for a cheating husband to cover up an evening with his mistress on Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s a plausible explanation for a 3 to 4 hour absence that his wife is unlikely to question – especially if she’s not a football fan. 

A block of time like this to spend with his mistress on the weekend is a rare commodity for a married man involved in an extramarital affair.  But his wife probably won’t give it a second thought if he tells her he’s going to a sports bar to watch the game with the guys. It will probably never cross her mind that he’s somewhere wining and dining (or doing something else) with his mistress behind her back.

However, what I call the “Super Bowl alibi” is not exclusive to cheating men. Cheating wives and girlfriends have also used the Super Bowl game to conceal a lover’s tryst.  Regardless of whether the unsuspecting husband or boyfriend is watching the game at a sports bar with friends or in the comfort of his home, he’s unlikely to concern himself with where his wife or girlfriend is while the game is going on. 
Most cheaters who rely on the Super Bowl game to cover up their infidelity never get caught because it’s such a believable alibi.  For a few tips or suggestions on what to do if you think your spouse or significant other might be planning to use the “Super Bowl alibi” this weekend, check out the related articles below.
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