Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Ways Modern Technology Is Helping Cheaters Cheat

There are 4 apps that cheaters are using to conceal cell phone evidence of infidelity from suspicious mates.  These apps are described below so anyone who suspects their partner of cheating will know how these apps work and what to look for.  But they will not be named order to avoid aiding and abetting infidelity.  After all, why make it any easier for cheaters to cheat?
App #1
This app allows the cheater to hide his or her texts.  It also has a feature which plays an “out of service tone” if the cheater’s mistress or secret lover tries to call at a time that’s inconvenient for the cheater to talk – for example, if their spouse or significant other is nearby.
App #2
If the cheater is concerned about his or her mate snooping around on their iPhone or iPad for signs of infidelity, this app can be set to catch the suspicious in the act.  The cheater can turn on the app whenever they leave their phone or tablet unattended and it displays a false desktop of the usual iPhone applications icons.  But when the would-be detective attempts to check out the device, the front-facing camera is activated and captures a picture of the snooper in the act.
App #3
This app stores images in a hidden area instead of in the main photo library where pictures are usually kept.  The cheater must use a special password to access the secret photos in this hidden vault. The icon for this app looks just like a calculator, is bound to escape the notice of  a suspicious spouse or significant other,  because  most would never would think to check a calculator app for cheating clues.
App #4
This is another app which shows up in disguise on the cheater’s cell phone screen.  It allows the cheater to delete all his or her text messages by simply shaking the cell phone back and forth. If the cheater wants to hide text messages or phone calls from a certain person, that number can be added as a “private contact” and all messages from that person will stored inside the app, safe and secure from prying eyes. 
It’s interesting to note that all of all these applications were actually created for business purposes.   But cheaters have found a way to use these apps to hide evidence of their infidelity in order to keep from getting caught. 
A significant amount of infidelity is detected via cell phone evidence (calls, e-mails, text messages, photos). But as you can see, that may no longer be an option for a suspicious partner trying to get the goods on his or her cheating mate.
Your best bet, if you think your spouse or significant other could be cheating on you, is to circumvent modern technology and search for signs of infidelity the “old-fashioned way”. All you really need are your own eyes and ears, and your personal knowledge of your mate.  Knowing what to look for is the key.  A good infidelity reference book can help.
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