Monday, January 23, 2017

U.S. Cities with the Most Cheating Husbands

The areas of the United States with the most cheating husbands have been mapped out in a first-of-its-kind geographical look at internet-facilitated infidelity.  This was done as part of a research project conducted by two graduate students from the University of Toledo.
When an anonymous hacker team released stolen customer data from Ashley Madison, the notorious website known for helping married men cheat on their mates, Michael Chohaney and Kimberly Panozzo saw  this as a unique opportunity to examine infidelity patterns in the United States. 
Chohaney and Panozzo put the customer addresses from the Ashley Madison data base onto a map in order to pinpoint the areas of the country where most of these cheaters live. The two researchers began their project in September 2015, one month after infamous data breach, and the resulting paper was recently published online in the journal Geographical Review.*
Below are the 10 U.S. cities with the most cheating husbands: 
1.         Fairfield County, Connecticut
2.         Boulder, Colorado
3.         Jacksonville, North Carolina
4.         Manchester / Nashua, New Hampshire
5.         Washington DC / Alexandria, Virginia
6.         Denver, Colorado
7.         Boston, Massachusetts
8.         Austin, Texas
9.         Salt Lake City, Utah
10.        Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wives who live in these cities should consider themselves warned.

* Michael L. Chohaney et al, Infidelity and the Internet: The Geography of Ashley Madison Usership in the United States, Geographical Review (2016).

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